Audi has used CES 2016 to demonstrate a working cutaway interior of the e-tron quattro concept car.
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The e-tron quattro concept debuted at the Frankfurt motor show in late 2015, and is said to preview the company's Q6 EV, due in 2018. The demo version of the concept car's interior is said to preview technologies and concepts that Audi is working on for future production vehicles.

According to the German luxury brand: "In the future, all Audi displays will be designed in OLED technology, and they will harmoniously blend into the interior."

Ahead of the driver is a 14.1-inch curved 2240x720 AMOLED "virtual cockpit" display, which can display speed, remaining driving range, driving statistics, navigation, music, vehicle status, and other items.

As with configurable LED instrument panels used on many luxury cars today, the e-tron quattro's is controlled via buttons on the spokes of the steering wheel.

In the centre of the dashboard there are two large OLED touchscreens. While both screens can be personalised, the upper screen is primarily geared towards entertainment and navigation functions, while the lower display controls the climate control system and accepts handwriting input.


Audi says that these screens uses a "MMI touch response" interface, which features the control gestures familiar to most of us through the use of smartphones and tablets.

Similar to the system in last year's Golf R Touch and this year's e-Golf Touch concepts, the control system includes haptic feedback for button presses and swipes, and is engineered to ignore accidental or fleeting contact with the screen.

Behind the scenes, the e-tron quattro's interior uses the company's MIB2+ infotainment architecture, which can drive an array of high resolution displays, and features the LTE Advanced telecommunications standard, as well as voice over LTE.


MIB2+ also incorporates a hybrid voice recognition system, with on-board and cloud-based natural language processing. In the event of conflicting responses, the car will use previous enquiries and the current location to determine which answer to output.

In the video at the top of this article, skip forward to the 10 minute mark to see the e-tron quattro's OLED screens and interior in action.

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