Proton Jumbuck - Long Term Update

$14,990 Mrlp
  • Fuel Economy
  • Engine Power
  • CO2 Emissions
  • ANCAP Rating

"Three months and all's well for our long-term Jumbuck"

Despite the almost universally preconceived notion that each of us has had before getting behind the wheel of Australia's cheapest ute that their stint would be an experience akin to dental surgery, after just a few days ever one of us has returned a few remarks about just how surprised we've each been by the half-tonner's capabilities.

Pleasingly the Jumbuck is equally capable in stop-start traffic as it is on the open road with its well weighted clutch and light five-speed gearbox not in the least bit tiresome to use.

The cabin otherwise is holding up very well some 5000 kilometres on and despite Jumbuck's stiff ride, thanks primarily to the leaf sprung rear, has remained relatively rattle free with the small jiggle from under the dash mentioned in a previous update the only issue of which to speak.

Come to that the foglamps, as found only on the GLSi model, are also rather pointless as they're only able to be activated while the headlamps are on, which makes their functionality as fog lights null and void.

With Proton's recent announcement that the Jumbuck is to be retired after almost seven years on the Australian market it won't be long before our long-term car is due to be returned, but rest assured we will have another update before that comes about.

The upside to this situation however is that should you be interested in a half-tonner right now, I could almost put money on the fact you'd get a pretty sweet deal on a Jumbuck were you prepared to haggle.