VolksWagen Passat V-Line Bodykit

So the Passat isn't the most interesting car in the world. Currently priced from $42,990 to $56,990 the Passat has been one of VolksWagen's silent performers. Having won more than 20 international awards, including the “iF design award”, and the “Gelber Engel” from the ADAC automobile club, VolksWagen have decided to give the Passat a new release on life. They have called it the V-line Bodykit and what a beauty it is.
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The new bodykit is based around Volkswagen’s Moonraker concept for the Passat which went on display the SEMA Motor Show in Las Vegas in the US and caused a great deal of attention. The project took a mere seven months to complete and, in reinterpreting the design, the designers strove to create an enhanced sporty appearance. The new bodykit gives Passat a far more sporty look with attention grabbing styling. However, I do have to mention that the performance is still the same, the car has been lowered by 25 millimeters to sit just around 30 millimeters. The extended side skirts are in the same colour as the car.

VolksWagen Passat VLine Bodykit

The rear of the car is also in for a treat. The look and feel of the back of the passat might fool anyone into thinking this mean beast is one to compete with the likes of BMW M3 and Audi RS4. The Passat rides on 18-inch Velos alloy wheels which come in either chrome-silver or titanium colour and the rims are wrapped with Pirelli P Zero R Assimetrico (235/45 ZR 18) tyres

The new body kit will go on sale in Euroupe around September and hopefully make its way down under by 2007.