YouTube or HoonTube?

Car fans from all over the world are more than familiar with YouTube. Millions of car fans post their own auto related videos on YouTube. Infact the Auto section of YouTube is the 3rd largest category in the site! Even we post our own Videos on YouTube!
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Of course, with all the auto videos on youtube, you get the good with the bad. Police from all over the world have been trying hard to identify law breakers and hoons that have glorified their illegal driving antics on YouTube.

South Australian police have now joined the chase. SA police are considering asking YouTube to ban all users and videos that show illegal and hoon driving. Although only in the preliminary stages, the move would show a complete lack of understanding from the SA police. Asking YouTube moderators to view every single video and ban those that may or may not be showing illegal driving, is a near impossibility.

SA Police also admitted that a great amount of time is spent watching auto videos on YouTube in order to crack down on evidence to incriminate drivers.

"The traffic intelligence section does keep an eye on YouTube on a reasonably regular basis to see if we can't pick up something that is identifiable," Traffic Support Branch manager Superintendent Tony Rankine said

Of course the traffic intelligence section are aware that a flash animated movie hosted on American servers would not stand up so well in Australian courts and so far SA Police have failed to press any charges on HoonTubers.

Perhaps if SA Police spent a less time on youtube, and a little more time coming up with new ideas to engage with "hoons" and provide a safe, cheap and usable track environment for car enthusiasts to use, the "hoon epidemic" might decline? Perhaps?

Source: Adelaide Now