Stirling Moss starts a new job

Sir Stirling Moss starts his first desk job at the youthful age of 79 (he will be 80 later this year) as the editor of Motor Sport, a magazine that dates back to 1924 when it was founded.
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Actually, he will sit in the editor’s chair for just one day as the guest editor for the October issue, which will be dedicated to him and his distinguished career in motor sport.

He came into the magazine’s London Offices and sat in the editor’s chair thinking up headlines and looking back over his illustrious career.

Motor racing has been his life and still is, even though he has not raced at the top level for over 50 years.

Sir Stirling is as busy as ever though, competing in historic events and narrating the hugely successful children’s cartoon Roary the Racing Car.

Our own Anthony Crawford recently spent some time chatting with Sir Stirling at Le Mans, and reports that he is incredibly generous with his time and the perfect gentleman to all who approach him.