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The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) has commended the all-new Skoda Fabia hatch and wagon range for a standard-setting five-star score in its latest round of testing.

The new Skoda Fabia, the second generation of the car sold here, launches this week. As we have reported, it will come standard with potentially life-saving Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) technology — something even many luxury cars still can’t match.

The ANCAP score follows on from the Fabia's five-star performance when tested by Euro NCAP in 2014. The ANCAP score is based on the Euro NCAP data, rather than by crashing a car in Australia, as the image above attests to.

AEB systems detect obstacles ahead and are able to brake the car independently of driver input, for instance if the driver isn’t paying attention and something stops suddenly ahead.

“AEB systems have shown to reduce rear-end crashes by more than 50.0 per cent,” said ANCAP CEO Nicholas Clarke.


“The introduction of more advanced systems — which work at a range of speeds, and which are able to detect other obstacles such as pedestrians, cyclists and animals — will contribute to a further reduction in the number and severity of road crashes.

"Now is the time to accelerate the introduction of this important technology across the Australian vehicle fleet. ANCAP is buoyed by the decision by Skoda to provide AEB as standard across all Fabia variants and we are continuing our call for all manufacturers to do the same.

"Sophisticated vehicle safety technologies such as AEB will lead the way in reducing road trauma at an unprecedented rate.”

ANCAP has been calling for the wider adoption of AEB for some time. It recently published a joint study using data from five European countries and Australia. It found a 38.0 per cent overall reduction in real-world, rear-end crashes for vehicles fitted with low-speed AEB compared to a sample of equivalent vehicles without AEB technology.

We'll bring you a first Australian review of the new Fabia this week. In the meantime, you can read our Fabia hatch international review here, and our Fabia wagon international review here.