Toyota RAV4 Hybrid to debut in New York

The first-ever Toyota RAV4 Hybrid will make its debut at the New York auto show, which starts next week.
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Aside from the teaser image above and the fact it's coming to New York show, Toyota is staying as silent as a hybrid in EV mode. So, we know that the RAV4 Hybrid will feature a unique set of tail-lights with greyed out indicators and light-tube-style elements, but there are, so far, no details about its drivetrain.

Given that the North American-made RAV4 and Camry are available with the company's 132kW/233Nm 2.5-litre, it's possible that the RAV4 hybrid will employ a version of the Camry Hybrid's drivetrain. The front-wheel drive Camry Hybrid has a total power output of 151kW thanks to its 2.5-litre Atkinson cycle engine and electric motor.

Another drivetrain candidate is the one used in the latest Japanese domestic market Toyota Harrier Hybrid, which has a total of 143kW of power on hand. Under the bonnet, the hybrid Harrier features a 112kW/206Nm 2.5-litre petrol engine and a 105kW/270Nm electric motor driving the front wheels. All-wheel drive capability is provided by a 50kW/139Nm electric motor that drives the rear wheels.

Possible, but seemingly less likely, is the setup employed in the Prius, which marries a 1.8-litre engine with an electric motor to generate a total of 100kW of power.

If the thought of a RAV4 Hybrid has you reaching for your wallet, we'd urge a moment's caution as it's not entirely certain if it will make its way into Australian showrooms.

For various reasons, Toyota Australia doesn't offer some hybrid models that are available overseas. Examples include the Kluger Hybrid sold in North America, Tarago Hybrid available in Japan, and Yaris and Corolla hybrids found in Europe.