Honda has unveiled the eye-catching look of a new aero kit that's been designed for the company's various IndyCar teams.
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Developed by Honda Performance Development, the company's North American racing division, the complete aero kit consists of around 200 pieces that can be fitted to current Honda V6-powered Dallara IndyCar vehicles.

Honda Aero Kit

Teams can choose which pieces to affix to their cars, depending on their needs, for each of the 15 races for this year's IndyCar season. In theory drivers or teams may elect to use different aero kit combinations for practice, qualifying and the race itself.

Honda says that the kit seen here is the one's that's been optimised for both road courses and short oval tracks.

Honda Aero Kit

Cars fitted with the new aero kit will make their debut at next week's open testing session in Birmingham, Alabama. The first race outing for the new aero package will be at the season opening race in St. Peterburg, Florida, which starts March 29.

According to Road & Track, each aero kit will set teams back around US$75,000 ($98,725). The aerodynamics package was designed by Nick Wirth, a former Formula One race car designer and team owner.