The Green Party of England and Wales has suggested it may be forced to scrap a controversial policy to "ban all cars".
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A report from British newspaper The Mirror suggests the party currently has a policy in place that could potentially see nearly all cars currently available to buyers in that country be banned as they can travel at speeds higher than the signposted limits.

“Our current transport policy… would ban almost all currently roadworthy cars", the Green Party's leader, Australian-born Natalie Bennett, reportedly said in a recent interview.


"This would probably prove unattractive with the electorate," the leader of the party reportedly surmised.

The vehicles set to be banned would include any vehicle that can travel faster than most national speed limits in the EU. The amended proposal the Green Party wants to put forward is that all cars have speed limiters fitted.

It is reported that the Green Party is looking into scrapping the policy, which was put forward by six party members.