Porsche CEO Wendelin Wiedeking has scolded two of the company's board members for speaking publicly about the its weakened financial standing.
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The exact condition of Porsche's fiduciary position is being kept quiet as the German marque struggles following its failed US$12 billion takeover of Volkswagen Auto Group.

This silence however was short-lived with IG Metall union boss Bertold Huber and Volkswagen AG Chairman Ferdinand Piech, also a part owner of Porsche, speaking to a German newspaper last week regarding the group's latest fiscal woes.

The pair received disciplinary letters, the content of which is undisclosed, from Mr Wiedeking after going public with the negative comments.

The news comes on the same day as Volkswagen announced it will temporarily close its Mexican plant until August while Qatar investment group and Daimler both eye a further stake in Porsche.

Porsche is currently trying to secure US$2.4 billion in government loans to fill a US$3.5 billion cash shortfall.