Karma to the rescue - CarAdvice comments

While a great portion of CarAdvice readers enjoy trouble free reading, there are always a few who spoil it for everyone.
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After surveying readers and gauging their opinions of Australia's leading automotive website, we realised a great deal of you are getting annoyed at the comment wars started by some contributors.

Currently only 0.018% of our readers ever comment! Most scared away by negative comments.

We have been working on several systems that aim to curb troublesome, childish comments and we have implemented the system we believe works best for readers and commentors.

Behind the scenes, staff are now able to edit and delete comments with far greater ease. In addition to the new comment modification system, commentors will be able to edit their posted comments up to three minutes after posting, or until the next comment appears.

The best feature of all though is 'comment karma'. The YouTube style system takes a democratic vote on poster's comments. If enough negative votes are collected (9 more than positive votes), the poster's comment will automatically be buried and made invisible to readers.

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We believe the the new system will encourage posting within our comments code of conduct and will curb insolence.

Of course, we will still work to remove comments which are offensive and fall outside of our comments code of conduct. The new system will simply bridge the gap we currently face with some commentors.

If you feel a comment is inappropriate, simply give it the thumbs down, if you feel it's constructive and deserves to stay, give it the thumbs up.

Happy commenting! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.