From the USA, the great land of opportunity where no idea seems too stupid to try, comes the self-proclaimed "World's Fastest Hotel" - a mattress in the back of a Tesla Model S.
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Australians are no strangers to a mattress in the back of a car, or panel van for that matter, but renting the space out on crowd-sourced accommodation portal AirBnB is a new one.

Arizona entrepreneur, Steve Sasman, offers an evening in his Tesla Model S (parked in his garage) for just US$85 per night.


The caveat being you have to be out by 8.00am so he can drive to work - as an Uber driver no less.

You have access to the Tesla's heating and cooling, the 17" touch screen and internet access, and a 'comfy' air-mattress stuffed into the hatchback boot.

We're not really sure of the appeal, nor where the bathrooms is... but hey, Steve - points for trying.