Remember that Porsche 918 Spyder you were going to buy but couldn't because they were all sold out?
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Well, lucky - because 205 of the hybrid hypercars have been recalled due to defective chassis components.

Porsche claim the recall is a precaution based upon results of internal testing - no issues or faults have actually been reported (unlike the 991 GT3).

All owners have been contacted and will have to drop their limited-edition Porsches into the dealer for a couple of days while the replacement parts are fitted.


This is the second recall to affect the 918 Spyder - 46 cars needed axle components replaced earlier this year.

2014 will long be remembered as a huge year for recalls - with issues like Takata airbag and General Motors ignition switch components accounting for more than 60 million vehicle recalls in the United States alone.

Almost 1,000,000 Australian vehicles were affected by recalls in 2014.

No Porsche 918 Spyders though...