Porsche's ultimate 991 911 has been revealed without camouflage while cold-weather testing in northern Scandinavia.
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The Porsche 991 911 GT3 RS will be the most wild 991 iteration, given Porsche has said there are no plans for a 991 GT2 at this stage.

2015-porsche-991-911-gt3-rs_0004_Layer 9

The GT3 RS is expected to use an improved version of the 4-litre flat-six seen in the 997.2 GT3 RS, with power up from 373kW to around 392kW.

As always, the body on the RS differs from the 'normal' version with pumped and vented front guards, double-bubble roof, and the 911 Turbo's wider rear arches and vents.

2015-porsche-991-911-gt3-rs_0010_Layer 3

There are more spoilers and airdams around the car, with a combination ducktail and massive rear wing for downforce.

Put simply - we cannot wait to see and drive this thing!

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The 991 911 GT3 RS will make its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2015.

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