The interior of the McLaren P1 GTR has been revealed, along with new details about the track-only vehicle and its ownership programme.
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Being a track-only device, the GTR's interior is naturally a stripped out affair, with the only nod comfort being the air conditioning system. The dashboard, door trims and centre tunnel are fashioned out of lightweight carbon fibre.

Thanks to the car's carbon fibre MonoCage structure, the P1 GTR meets the FIA's rollover safety standards without the installation of a new interior roll cage. This not only saves weight, but improves headroom for the driver and passenger.

According to McLaren, the GTR's steering wheel is modelled on the one used by Lewis Hamilton to secure the 2008 Formula One drivers' championship in a McLaren-Mercedes.

Buttons and switches on the wheel allow the driver to quickly adjust settings, such as the drag reduction system (DRS) and the amount of power available. Like so much of the interior it's constructed primarily out of carbon fibre.

Each seat will have a full six-point safety harness. The driver's pew will be tailored specifically for the owner, and its carbon fibre shell will be bolted directly to the chassis to keep weight to an absolute minimum.


The GTR will only be available to existing P1 owners through a 1.98 million pound ($2.8 million) ownership programme, where McLaren will store and prep the car for between 10 to 12 specially organised track events per year at Formula One venues. Each driver will be entitled to attend a maximum of six gatherings per year.

Each participant will have their own garage at the race, complete with their own personal livery, driver coach, engineer and technicians.

Owners will have access to the McLaren's in-house immersive simulator, which mimics the P1 GTR and upcoming courses. Also available is a human performance programme that aims to prepare GTR owners both physically and mentally for the rigours of racing.

McLaren P1 GTR Hot Weather Test Bahrain Sept 2014

The P1 GTR is currently undergoing hot weather testing in Bahrain ahead of its launch in 2015.

Underneath its aerodynamically tuned body, the GTR features an reworked version of the road-going P1's hybrid drivetrain that features a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 at its core. The uprated package is said to develop over 736kW (1000 metric horsepower).