The sketch above is the first clue as to the look of the Infiniti Q80 Inspiration concept car, which will debut at the Paris motor show in October.
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According to Infiniti, the Q80 Inspiration previews an "audacious top-of-the-line model". This means that when the Q80 finally makes its way down the production line, it will sit above the existing Q70 sedan, which was formerly known as the M.

With its long, flat bonnet, cab backward design and a steeply raked windscreen flows into a fastback hatch, the Q80 Inspiration hints at a rear-wheel drivetrain. It's unknown, though, what type of power source lies underneath the long hood.

Inside, Infiniti claims that there's space enough for four people, as well as "intuitive human-centric style and onboard technological ambition".

Inspiration à la Infiniti

The shadowy teaser image of a concept car's grille (above) and titled "Inspiration à la Infiniti", which was released in August, almost certainly belongs to the Q80 Inspiration.

Michael Bartsch, vice president of Infiniti in the Americas, has been quoted as saying that the company will bolster the top end of its range with a flagship luxury sedan, as well as a halo car in the vein of the Essence and Emerg-e concepts.

Slotting in beneath the new Q50 sedan and Q40 (a rebranded previous generation G37 sedan), Nissan's luxury brand will launch the entry-level Mercedes-Benz A-Class-based Q30 hatch in 2015 and the GLA-derived QX30 SUV in 2016.