V8 Shootout - Ford Falcon XR8 vs Holden Commodore SS

Last Thursday we embarked on an all Aussie V8 Shootout. We put Ford's FG Falcon XR8 on the dyno with Holden's VE Commodore SS (AFM) to determine which produced more power. On top of that, we also attacked our private circuit to determine straight line acceleration and braking figures for both vehicles.

The results, although not remarkable, will show you just how much of an advantage one of the cars has. Check out the video below for the results.

The results give us the following insight into power/weight ratios:

Holden Commodore SS (AFM): 118.57kW/tonne
Ford Falcon XR8: 128.99kW/tonne

The Falcon's weight obviously plays a major part in its ability to accelerate with ferocity, but the power/weight figures suggest it still has the edge due to the greater power output. We tested 0-100km/h, 1/4-mile and 100km/h-0 braking using the VBOX supplied by Applied Measurement.

You will have to check back to this page at 1:30PM AEST on Monday, 27th April to get the results via a live video cross. You will be able to send questions in to us via the console below while we are broadcasting and we will answer questions while we are streaming live.

The final event and the last blow in the shootout will be our economy drive on Tuesday, 28th April, leaving South Yarra at 6AM.

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