More than 3000 LPG-powered Holden Commodore and Caprice vehicles have been recalled over two separate issues relating to their fuel systems.
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The recall affects approximately 3472 vehicles in Australia and 124 in New Zealand built between February 10, 2011 and June 19, 2014.

The first recall affects dedicated LPG VE/VF Commodore and WM/WN Caprice models where the excess flow valve between the fuel tank and fuel feed hose may close unintentionally, limiting the driver’s ability to accelerate.

Holden says the system’s design means a flow of gas continues ensuring the engine remains on and all safety devices remain active.

The condition can be recovered by turning the engine off and on again, or for idling the engine for at least one minute.

Holden has received no reports of accidents or injuries relating to the condition.


The second recall affects LPG VF Commodore and WN Caprice models built between June 25, 2013 and April 8, 2014 where the fuel feed hose may develop a small leak towards the end of the vehicle’s lifetime. Fuel may leak at a rate of one to two millilitres per minute.

Holden insists the condition poses no risk of combustion, and says it has received no reports of leaks from customers.

Holden says the recalls are both precautionary measures only. The car maker in contacting all potentially affected customers directly to arrange a fix free of charge for both issues.

Holden has now issued four recalls affecting the VF Commodore and WN Caprice in the little more than a month. The first, related to a defect with the cars’ electric seats, impacted 41,933 vehicles, while the second, related to the cars’ windscreen wipers, affected another 27,074 vehicles.