The long-rumoured Alfa Romeo revival continues to gather momentum with reports claiming the Italian brand aims to increase sales fivefold by 2018 on the back of seven new models.
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German magazine AutoBild reports the revival is set to hit full swing in the coming four years. It claims that alongside the recently revealed Alfa Romeo 4C Spider set to go on sale early in 2015, another drop-top sports car reportedly known as the Spider is due in 2016. That car could be the Italian brand's version of the next-generation Mazda MX-5, which has been codeveloped by the Japanese and Italian companies - although that car may instead be badged as a Fiat or Abarth.

Other models such as Alfa Romeo's long-awaited replacement for the 159, the Giulia, will follow in 2017, with a compact SUV spin-off expected in the same year. The BMW 5 Series-rivalling Alfetta sedan is scheduled for 2018 accompanied by a larger SUV during that timeframe.

As has previously been reported, the brand's re-focus will see the development of a new rear- and all-wheel-drive architecture (dubbed Giorgio, according to Automotive News Europe) - as a result, the MiTo and Giulietta hatchbacks, which are the only two cars the brand currently sells in Australia, are set to be axed.

The rethink is reportedly aimed to see sales jump from around 100,000 - as was the result in 2013 - towards 500,000, though there has been no timeframe given.

Alfa Romeo parent company Fiat has not commented on the reports.