First Nissan GT-R unleashed at midnight

Video game aficionados will most likely be all too familiar with the midnight launch, waiting in an enormous line in an otherwise empty shopping centre to get their hands on the latest hot ticket item at the absolute earliest possible moment.
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As the supercar for the Playstation generation, the very first Nissan GT-R to arrive in customer hands has been delivered in a similar fashion at precisely 12:01am this morning for one very eager and lucky owner.

Andrew Richmond was one of the very first customers to order a GT-R R35 when pre-sales began on October 9, 2008 - and he wasn't waiting a moment longer to get behind the wheel of his very own giant slayer.

“This will be my second Nissan GT-R. I have been a huge fan of the GT-R since getting involved in club level motorsports. I chose a Nissan R34 GT-R V Spec as my motorsports vehicle and have loved GT-R’s since,” said Andrew Richmond.

Mr Richmond, employed as an Operations Manager of Austech Wire and Cable, had specially arranged with Ferntree Gully Nissan to take possession of his new White Ivory Pearl Premium GT-R at the earliest possible moment - a request Nissan was more than happy to meet.

“Given the high performance and competition needs which many GT-R customers will require, it is essential that Nissan provides optimum care and attention via the GT-R high performance centers,” said Stephen Collins General Manager - Sales & Marketing, Nissan Australia.

Only 11 Nissan dealers nationwide have been chosen to form an exclusive network of GT-R specialists, requiring special preparation for the GT-R's arrival including setting aside specific work bays for the vehicles as well as training staff to be GT-R specialists.

First Nissan GT-R unleashed at midnight

Dealers servicing the GT-R must keep nitrogen on hand to maintain tyre pressure and in some cases access ramps have been installed to protect the front spoiler and under body of the car.

Owners will have a special vehicle inspection after 2,000km and annually thereafter at no charge for the first three years of the car’s life to check and maintain wheel alignment, engine tuning as well as transmission and clutch settings.

Regular servicing will occur at every 10,000km interval or six month period - whichever comes first - while customers who take their GT-R to the track will receive piece of mind with a post track day inspection service which looks at suspension geometry, vital brake components and lubricant and fluid checks.

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