2009 Ford Mondeo tri-fuel for Europe

Ford of Europe is set to add a rather frugal and versatile model into its Mondeo line-up, capable of running on three different types of fuels.
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The new tri-fuel Mondeo is compatible with either petrol, ethanol or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) which results in a vastly extended range and lower running costs.

The entire Mondeo line-up – including sedan, hatchback and wagon – is available with the new tri-fuel system, all featuring a 108-kW 2.0-litre engine as standard.

The combined petrol and ethanol tank is capable of storing up to 70-litres of fuel, while the separate LPG tank will have a capacity just under 49-litres.

This gives the tri-fuel Mondeo an expected range of 850km on petrol or ethanol and 460km on LPG for a combined total of 1,310km on just one fill-up.

The wagon version is slightly disadvantaged thanks to its added weight, boasting a slightly diminished range of 1,230km.

We will keep you posted as to whether Ford Australia will consider selling this model locally.