Infiniti Australia has slashed pricing across its range as it aims to boost languishing sales of its local line-up.
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Price cuts of between $7500 and $13,100 apply across the luxury Japanese manufacturer's G37 coupe and convertible, M sedan and FX crossover model lines, representing discounts of more than 15 per cent for some variants.

The premium division of Nissan says the decision to “reposition” its range is fundamental to the company’s long-term growth strategy in Australia as it embarks on the second phase of its local market development plan that includes an expansion of its dealer network.


An $11,500 cut for the Infiniti G37 GT Premium coupe reduces the brand’s price of entry to $64,400 before on-road costs, and incredibly makes it more than $5000 cheaper than the entry-level Nissan 370Z coupe with which it shares its V6 engine and basic underpinnings.

The flagship G37 S Premium coupe experiences the biggest reduction of all models, with its price slashed $13,100 to $70,400.

Pricing of the Infiniti FX is down between $7500 and $10,000 across the range, with the base model FX37 down from $83,900 to $76,400 and the high-grade FX50 S down from $114,900 to $104,900.

A $9500 reduction for the entry-level Infiniti M37 sedan likewise drops its starting price to $76,400, while the M35h Hybrid, previously $99,900, is now $90,400.


Infiniti Australia general manager Kevin Snell described the price cuts as a move to “fine-tune our offerings to accelerate our growth”.

Infiniti sold 255 vehicles across the country in its first 12 months on sale after launching at the beginning of September last year, including 153 FXs, 53 Gs and 49 Ms.

The brand sold 170 vehicles in the first seven months of this year but managed just 18 sales in July after averaging 42 in May and June.

The local line-up will get a much-needed boost when the mid-sized Infiniti Q50 launches in the final quarter of 2013, expected to priced on par with the likes of the BMW 3 Series with a circa-$60,000 price tag.

Infiniti FX manufacturer’s list prices:

  • FX37 – $76,400 (-$7500)
  • FX37 S – $83,400 (-$9500)
  • FX37 S Premium – $86,400 (-$9500)
  • FX30d – $78,400 (-$7500)
  • FX30d S – $85,400 (-$9500)
  • FX30d S Premium – $88,400 (-$9500)
  • FX50 S – $104,900 (-$10,000)

Infiniti M manufacturer’s list prices:

  • M37 – $76,400 (-$9500)
  • M37 S Premium – $86,400 (-$11,500)
  • M30d – $78,400 (-$9500)
  • M30d S Premium – $88,400 (-$11,500)
  • M35h Hybrid – $90,400 (-$9500)

Infiniti G manufacturer’s list prices:

  • G37 GT Premium coupe – $64,400 (-$11,500)
  • G37 S Premium coupe – $70,400 (-$13,100)
  • G37 S Premium convertible – $77,900 (-$10,000)