Given the current economic 'crisis' you'd expect Rolls Royce to be having some difficulties. Not so. More the opposite. Rolls-Royce Australia is setting new sales records. It seems the ultra rich are not affected by the downturn.
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Nonetheless, better be safe than sorry. Rolls Royce has come out with the 200EX concept. The company calls it a design study for a contemporary four-door saloon. The concept is a teaser for the RR4, a new model series expected to go into production sometime next year.

Rolls Royce is experienced in building experimental cars, having built its first, the 1EX, in 1919 - the one prior to the 200EX was the 101EX, built in 2006.


Roller calls them experimental cars because unlike a concept car, EX models can actually be driven and used like a normal vehicle.

"Modern automotive engineering is a balance of creativity, innovation and application. 200EX is an opportunity to assess these new ideas", explains Helmut Riedl, Director of Engineering.

The ultra-luxury brand hopes to make a car which is a little less formal than previous models, making it a slightly more appropriate car for different settings. The company says this new car has "more than a little panache and perhaps more bravado than one might have expected from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars."


It will, however, keep some of the features that make a Rolls Royce, such as the rear-hinged coach doors that open via a generous 83 degrees for the widest rear access in the car industry.

Rolls has gone for a more Jet Intake approach for the front, further improving on the world's most famous grille. The 200EX rides on seven-spoke, 20-inch wheels.


On the inside, RR doesn't disappoint. From elegant, frosted lamps and chrome door handles to violin key switches, eyeball air vents, opaque dials, the 200EX may be smaller than the Phantom, but it won't be lacking in luxury.


The interior is covered in Crème Light leather, with Cornsilk carpets and cashmere blend headliner.

In a nutshell, the Rolls Royce 200EX is the company's attempt at not only creating a smaller Roller, but also modernising the brand by breaking away with some tradition but keeping the fundamental elements that make a Rolls Royce.


  • No. of doors/seats: 4/5
  • Vehicle length: 5399mm
  • Vehicle width 1948mm
  • Vehicle height: 1550mm
  • Wheelbase: 3295mm
  • Engine: new V12
  • Wheel and tyre size: 20 inch, 255/45 R 20 front and 285/40 R 20 rear

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