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The CarAdvice Fuel Card Giveaway this month goes to Rob for his rather sobering comments in relation to a video we posted about Safe Driving ads.
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Rob for your valued contribution you have scored yourself some free fuel on us.

This is unbelievable. It made me feel sick with guilt. I was one of those kids who drove way too fast, way too often, tired, or with other things in me as well. I'm now a new Dad with a beautiful wife, home, job etc. Watching the scenes where a partner is lost kills me. The young schools kids, the child losing his Mum. I never had an accident like that but gasp with shock again and again that it could happen to me or that I could have done it to someone else. This is so shockingly real, it should be shown to all school leavers. My thoughts go out to those who've lost to stupidity bought on by people like I was.

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