Toyota Hybrid R concept teased

Toyota has teased a new concept to be unveiled at next month's Frankfurt motor show.
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Dubbed the Toyota Hybrid R, little is known about the concept, with the Japanese manufacturer only releasing a picture of the car’s logo and a brief statement.

According to Toyota, the car will be “an exciting new concept that brings Toyota Hybrid System-Racing technology to the road (and track)”.

With details yet to be announced and information scarce, speculation of what the Hybrid R concept could be has already begun.


Last year, Toyota paired with BMW in a joint venture that will see the world's biggest automaker trade its hybrid-vehicle expertise for BMW diesel engines. At the time, the two car companies also announced they would also pursue joint-development of a mid-sized hybrid-powered sports car.

Earlier this year, Toyota chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada was reported as saying that he would like Toyota to produce a successor to the Supra (pictured above) – a larger performance car aimed above the existing Toyota 86 sports car.


Whether the new Hybrid R concept takes any influence from the Toyota FT-HS hybrid sports concept of 2007 (pictured above) also remains unknown, but regardless of what is finally unveiled, fans of Toyota sports cars are not doubt excited.

Stay tuned as more details are expected to be released in the coming days.