Honda Accord Euro: next-gen model confirmed

Following speculation that a next-generation Honda Accord Euro would not be produced, Honda President and CEO, Takanobu Ito, confirmed to CarAdvice at the Detroit auto show that a new model is being readied.
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Asked directly whether a third-gen Accord Euro is being readied, the Honda boss replied unequivocally with "yes, it is".

“Right now we’re working really, really hard on development [of Accord Euro],” Ito-san said.

The first-generation Honda Accord Euro came to Australia in 2003, and had a lifecycle of five years, replaced by the second generation in 2008. By usual Japanese model lifecycles, the Euro should be replaced this year, however its replacement – while confirmed – is still some time off.

“Can’t say yet,” said Ito-san about timing for the new-generation mid-sizer.

Speculation was rife that Honda would consolidate its Accord model range, following tough economic conditions in Europe and Honda’s struggle with development budgets in the wake of the GFC and Japanese tsunami.

Both the wide-body Accord (above), designed for the US and China, and the smaller Accord, which sells in Europe, launched in 2008, however while the bigger car switched to a new generation this year, the next Euro was nowhere to be seen.

One possibility for its delay, beyond budget constraints, lies with the fact the Honda Accord Euro also sells in the US as the Acura TSX, and the luxury brand has been developing the all-new RLX (bottom) – badged Honda Legend in Australia – and the next MDX. Both of those cars will debut Stateside this year.

Honda did, however, use the Detroit auto show to confirm production of a new-generation Jazz in the second quarter of 2014. With no word yet on Accord Euro timing, it indicates that a new-generation model will be more than a year away from production.