CarAdvice Christmas Ute Challenge

CarAdvice Christmas ute muster

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Formalities, respectability and political correctness have been thrown out the window to bring you a special video just in time for Christmas from the CarAdvice crew.

Saddling up in three of the most popular (and most available to us at the time) dual-cab diesel 4WD utilities; Paul Maric, Alborz Fallah and Matt Brogan venture into country Victoria to test out the Holden Colorado LT-R, Mazda BT-50 Dual Cab DX and Toyota Hilux SR5 Dual Cab against each other.

What eventuates is an eventful day testing the utes' ability to climb muddy hills, race through a cow-laden slalom and lay down some dirt in a couple of drag races.

Please enjoy this look into car testing, the Aussie way.

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