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The CarAdvice Fuel Card Giveaway is in its third month now and this time we are please to announce our winner is Iz.
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For his comments helping a reader better understand turbo-diesel technology, Iz has scored himself some free fuel on us.

"All aluminium is impressive, and (this is) the only one so far that I know of. Not overly sure about Subaru's boxer diesel, but fairly certain its aluminium heads, but still a steel block, like most modern diesel engines. Most diesels, even Subaru's boxer diesel, these days all use common-rail injection technology. Speaking of boxer diesel, its outputs of 110kw and 350Nm are about lineball to what other makers' 2.0L turbodiesel engines produce.

BMW M47TU2D20 2.0L: 120kw/340NmVAG 2.0L TDI CR: 125kw/350NmToyota 1AD-FTV D-4D 2.0L: 97kw/300NmToyota 2AD-FHV D-4D 2.2L: 132kw/400NmPower outputs of Hyundai's R-engine are very impressive for a single-turbo 2.0L engine. The real test of this engine would definitely be drivability though. Big outputs through a socking great big turbo would mean lots of lag, but that rush after the turbo has spooled would be exciting =)"

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