Police focus on driver behaviour in safety blitz

New South Wales police have handed out more than 1200 notices for traffic offences to motorists breaking the road rules in a 24-hour blitz focusing on driver behaviour rather than speed.
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Conducted by officers from the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, yesterday’s Operation Compliance 4 statewide traffic enforcement operation was aimed at improving road safety with a specific focus on mobile phone use, seatbelt and helmet offences and non-compliant trucks.

The operation resulted in 1262 motorists being issued with infringement notices: 831 for using a handheld phone while driving; 278 for not wearing a seatbelt or helmet; and 153 truck drivers for traffic offences and vehicle defects.

Operations Commander of the Traffic and Highway Patrol, Superintendent Stuart Smith, said police were concerned by the large number of motorists booked for using handheld mobile devices while driving.

"Using a mobile handset while driving or riding a vehicle is irresponsible, illegal and dangerous," Superintendent Smith said.

"Yesterday’s operation highlights that far too many motorists are continuing to distract themselves with mobile phones when they should be focusing their entire attention on the road around them."

It's nice to see individual driver behaviour, and not simply vehicle speed, coming to the fore.