BMW, the official partner of this year’s 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games, has added three more Mini vehicles to its existing Olympic fleet - all fully electric and one quarter the size.
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The three mini Minis are being used on the field of play in the Olympic Stadium to ferry javelins, discuses, hammers and shots back from the field to the throwing area.

Once fully-charged, all three 7.5kW electric mini Minis - painted blue with white roofs and mirrors and featuring London 2012 Games liveries - can provide 35 minutes of radio controlled field assistance.


Despite their lesser size, each car keeps many details of its full-size partners including door handles, number plates, windscreen wipers, functioning headlights, duel vented disc brakes and heavy duty shock absorbers for the task at hand. Grass tyres and a removable sunroof to access the equipment have also been added.

The helper-Minis will cover around 6km each per day while carrying out their job of retrieving up to 8kg of Olympic field equipment: a single hammer, discus, shot or two javelins.

Mini Olympic Mini - 3

Each measuring 1100mm long, 500mm wide and 400mm tall, the mini fleet join the existing electric BMW fleet that includes 160 BMW 1 Series ActiveE coupes and 40 Mini E hatches being used to shuttle athletes and officials between venues during the competition.