The Holden Commodore has celebrated a milestone anniversary over the weekend, marking 30 years since the first ever VB series sedan rolled off the production line at Holden’s former assembly line at Pagewood, New South Wales on the 25th of October 1978.

Holden Commodore celebrates 30th anniversary

Holden has since built over 2.5 million Commodore sedans, utilities and wagons, contributing to its status as the brand's longest-standing and most successful nameplate.

For almost just as long as it has been in Australian showrooms, the Commodore has been a performance ambassador for Holden on the racetrack - during that time winning Bathurst an unrivalled 18 times.

 Holden Commodore celebrates 30th anniversary

General Motors began work on the Commodore in 1971 as part of its ‘World Car’ program with variations sold in England, parts of Europe and South Africa with the Australian models boasting locally developed engines, steering, suspension, body strengthening and dust sealing.

 Holden Commodore celebrates 30th anniversary

The Commodore has evolved through 14 model series and four generations of rear-wheel drive architecture, claiming the position as Australia’s top selling passenger car for the past 12 years and is on track to maintain that position in 2008.

In 1978 when the car was first introduced, a base model VB Commodore cost just $6,513 compared to the current base model VE which starts from $36,790.

Holden Commodore celebrates 30th anniversary

Since then the Commodore has undergone a further three major model updates with the VN Commodore (VP (1991); VR (1993); VS (1995)) in 1988, then in 1997 with the VT Commodore (VX (2000); VY (2002); VZ (2004)) and in 2006 with the current VE Commodore.

 Holden Commodore celebrates 30th anniversary

During this time, the Commodore pioneered the inclusion safety technologies such as driver, passenger and side impact airbags, computer optimised restraint systems and ABS brakes as standard fitment - all ‘firsts’ for an Australian-manufactured car.

Holden has also released a series of commercials for its Commodore over the years, should bring back a few memories!

Commodore VL - Television Ad - Plane Tow

Commodore VL - Television Ad - The Great Aussie V8 is Back

Commodore VL - Television Ad - World Class Australian

Commodore VK - Television Ad - 1985 Commodore Vacationer

Commodore VK - Television Ad - World Class Commodore Executive

Commodore VC - Television Ad - The Legend of Commodore

Commodore VC - Television Ad - The Revolution Continues

Commodore VB - Television Ad - This is It