Development of the Lotus Evora 414E range-extender hybrid electric vehicle, first seen in concept form in 2010, has progressed from the show stand to the test track starting its dynamic and durability testing at Lotus' headquarters in the UK.
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The Evora 414E hybrid that made an appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed is powered by two electric motor packs that deliver 309kW of power and 1000Nm of torque to the rear wheels through an Xtrac transmission. Lotus says the set-up is good for 0-100km/h in around four seconds and a top speed of 209km/h.

The 414E's battery pack can be charged by either the car’s own range-extender three-cylinder engine, designed to run on both petrol or renewable bio alcohol fuels such as methanol and ethanol, or directly from mains electricity.

Lotus Evora 414E - 2

The range-extender engine drives an electric generator that produces electrical energy that can then be used to charge the battery pack or power the traction motors directly.

This combination aims to see targeted emissions of 55 grams of CO2 per kilometre on the Northern European Driving Cycle, and a pure electric range of about 48km of normal driving.

When more power is needed, under hard acceleration for example, both the battery storage and the range-extender engine unite for the best possible performance.

Production is likely to be at least two years away with the Evora 414E thought to be the first of a new generation of hybrid vehicles from the brand. Lotus will be keen for some positivity following the tumultuous times of late.