Toyota TRD Aurion HiLux Sports Vehicles

Its a shame Toyota didn't make it to the Brisbane International Motorshow with their range of TRD cars, but at least Toyota will use the Melbourne International Motor Show to reveal its new locally designed TRD range of prestige performance vehicles.
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Firstly, if you didn't get to see them, we had the first spy shots of the TRD Aurion a few weeks back, and we recently road tested the Toyota Aurion Sportivo ZR6. The supercharged 3.5-litre V6 TRD Aurion sports sedan will be the Halo car for Toyota to help boost the image and credibility of the Aurion.

However, Toyota Racing & Development have gone a little crazy and brought out a supercharged 4.0-litre V6 HiLux sports utility! I guess one only has to take note of the number of modified Hilux's on the road to realize that there is a market for a fast, useful Toyota ute!

Toyota has high hopes for TRD, perhaps to one day match the likes of HSV and FPV. TRD is the long-established umbrella for Toyota racing activities around the world.

The recently formed Toyota Style Australia has been responsible for exterior and interior design and Toyota's TRD Division has taken charge of mechanical specification. Key local suppliers have worked to achieve breakthrough TRD developments which have been endorsed and approved by Toyota's rigorous global quality system.