Spied: Pontiac G8 and W427

We couldn’t believe it when Anthony was returning a press car last week and pulled up behind a convoy of at least six clearly badged Pontiac G8 cars travelling west near Lane Cove.
Pontiac W12 and G8
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No covers or disguise whatsoever.

Pontiac W12 and G8

If that wasn’t enough excitement for a day, in the same convoy, he spies and shoots a W427!

Pontiac W12 and G8

The guy driving the W427 gave it a quick squirt and Anthony reports the car took off like a Top Fuel dragster.

Pontiac W12 badge

Perhaps Holden are planning to send a few of the 427 W427s to the United States? Although the car was still in Right Hand Drive.

Pontiac W12 and G8

Would the Americans warm up to the idea of a 375kW (or 500hp in the old money) and 650Nm on tap 7.0-litre LS7 V8?

The car has already been confirmed for the UK market.