Hyundai i-Blue low emissions range

Hyundai is set to launch a new sub-brand in Australia and around the world labelled i-Blue which will help customers identify ultra-low emissions vehicles in its range.
Hyundai launches i-Blue low emissions range
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It will be comprised of models in the Hyundai range which fall below the 120g/100km emissions barrier, with the new i30 CRDi hatchback the first to join its ranks.

The new i30 CRDi meets the i-Blue criteria without the need for skinny tyres, expensive stop-start systems or lowered suspension to achieve the low CO2 figure.

The only changes required were a small 6kg weight reduction and modified gear ratios to achieve the target emissions rating.

Hyundai launches i-Blue low emissions range

The next model to wear the i-Blue badge will be the new Hyundai i10 which is set to replace the current Getz in Australia.

The introduction of a 1.2-litre Kappa petrol engine in overseas markets means all i10 models equipped with a manual transmission will be eligible for the i-Blue badge.

In future, the i-Blue branding will expand to include a variety of advanced fuel saving technology such as idle stop-start and hybrid powertrains from Hyundai.