*21/07/08 Update* Subaru Australia says details of the MY09 model are still unconfirmed whilst talks are still progressing with Japan. Currently no definite timeline for an official announcement.


Japanese AWD expert Subaru is about to get serious with the WRX again, if a leaked memo posted on the North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club (NOSIAC) forums is genuine.


According to the memo there will be a whole list of additional features for the WRX, including a new model (called Impreza GT) as well as a power boost for the manual WRX.

The biggest update will be the availability of an automatic WRX (Impreza GT), we are unsure whether this will be a five-speed or the four-speed currently available in the lower spec Imprezas.

2009 Subaru Impreza WRX first details

The all-new Impreza GT will keep the current 169kW 2.5-litre turbocharged boxer engine from current WRX but, the memo says the new manual MY09 model will have a massive power boost to bring it closer to 198kW!

We are not willing to say this is true, Subaru Australia has been contacted for comment, however, such a massive powerboost would put the car much closer to its more hardcore brother the Impreza STi (221kW).


Although, given the Ralliart Lancer is expected to be powered by the EVO X engine and have nearly 200kW of power, we suspect Subaru may be preparing for a showdown.

The standard manual transmission models will also feature a new suspension system as well as an STI-type front grille (although given AU models have a slightly different grille already, this may not happen here). Other modifications include new alloy wheels and the option for a new moonroof in the premium package.

Would 198kW of power change your mind about the WRX?

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