Audi Urban Concept to go into production

Audi's ultra compact and super futuristic Audi Urban Concept is apparently set to go into production. Audi first unveiled the concept at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show in September.
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According to CAR Magazine, who got exclusive access to a pre-production test drive of the car, Audi will be putting the Urban Concept into production in 2013. It won't quite feature all of the interesting elements of the concept version though.

The racecar-like pushrod suspension will be removed, for one, making way for a more conventional strut layout. The interior on the pre-production version (a concept in itself, one which may be revised again before production) is also reduced to a more conventional design.

The Audi Urban Concept was designed around the key philosophy of 'less is more', with a focus on the three key areas of "lightweight construction, efficiency and reduction". It features a fully electric powertrain made up of a 7.1kWh battery pack sending power to two motors, offering 15kW.

Audi has managed to double the power output of the powertrain for the pre-production version, as well as add more weight. It still uses an aluminium and carbon fibre construction, only it has been made more rigid and stronger overall.

The revisions could mean the production version will be quicker than the concept, which offered a 0-100km/h time of 16.9 seconds. Acceleration won't be the Audi Urban Concept's forte however, it will be more about being an efficient means of transport for city-living motorists.

The report says the urban Audi is just awaiting a green light from the company's decision makers before production can begin. Just 999 are set to hit the market in 2013, potentially as a trial to gauge reaction for a future full-scale production run.