Lotus unveils Eco Elise Concept

Already touted as the manufacturer of some of the most fuel efficient performance cars on the market, Lotus has taken this concept one step further after revealing its Eco Elise technology demonstrator ahead of its official British Motor Show debut.
Lotus unveils Eco Elise Concept
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The Eco Elise takes a somewhat passionate approach to the environment, sporting some highly unusual green design elements extending to more than just the contents of the exhaust.

Lotus unveils Eco Elise Concept

Already an adrenaline-pumping sports car, it may also get you high with the use of materials such as hemp, eco wool and sisol for body panels and trim combined with hi-tech water based paint solutions.

"The Lotus brand values of lightweight, fuel efficient and high performance are more relevant today than they ever have been. We are keen to ensure that Lotus as a company and its products offer an ethical, green option that appeals to our customers". Mike Kimberley, CEO of Group Lotus.

Lotus unveils Eco Elise Concept

Astoundingly, this Green abomination is actually quicker than the standard Elise S due to a further 32kg weight loss through the use of green materials - however the marketing manager at Lotus prefers us to think of this as an improvement in fuel economy with a performance side-effect.

Lotus unveils Eco Elise ConceptLotus unveils Eco Elise Concept

For a manufacturer which embodies the notion of pure driving pleasure without compromise, it is certainly a shock to see that Lotus have replaced the shift light with a 'Green' light - indicating to the driver the ideal point to shift gears for fuel economy.

The Eco Elise even integrates solar panels into its roof structure to supplement the electrical systems and save energy.