Peugeot VELV Concept unveiled in Paris

The Peugeot VELV Concept is the latest design in compact urban mobility to emerge from Europe.
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Despite its diminutive dimensions, the VELV Concept can actually seat three people. Although Peugeot officially calls it a three-wheeler, the VELV clearly has two wheels on its compact rear axle, as well as a more conventional, car-like front axle.

The VELV’s electric propulsion system incorporates an 8.5kWh lithium-ion battery pack and a 20kW electric motor. Weighing just 650kg (about half the weight of the average small car), the Peugeot VELV Concept has a full-charge range of 100km and is capable of accelerating up to 110km/h.

Peugeot says the concept consumes just 85Wh of energy per kilometre, giving it an environmental footprint equivalent to a train trip.

Thanks to its size, it is also particularly manoeuvrable in the city, with a tight turning circle radius of just 7.2 metres.

The VELV Concept is the French manufacturer’s response to its compatriot, the Renault Twizy, which goes on sale in Europe later this year. It follows a string of concepts unveiled at the recent 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, including the Audi Urban Concept, Volkswagen Nils, and the Opel RAK e.

Peugeot has not revealed any intentions to turn the VELV Concept into as production reality.