RCZ Peugeot Sport unveiled

The Peugeot RCZ has been one of our favourite cars here at CarAdvice, so it's with great interest that we bring you news of a new race-track ready version called, RCZ Peugeot Sport.
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This is the first time in recent history that the French car maker has decided to make a customer-competition car for saloon racing, but given the RCZ was part of Peugeot's strategy to expand its portfolio and build more brand kudos, it makes perfect sense.

The RCZ Peugeot Sport weighs a healthy 250kg less than the standard car and due to a number of modifications it also happens to put out 25% more power from its 1.6-litre four-cylinder turbo. That means 250bhp (187kW) and 290Nm of torque, but there no official 0-100km/h times yet.

This isn't a gimmick either, you just have to look at the size of the front brakes (355mm six-pot) to understand that Peugeot is very serious about winning races with this thing.

Power is transmitted to the wheels via a Sadev-developed sequential six-speed gearbox with a limited slip differential. Gear changes occur via two steering wheel-mounted paddles that activate the hydraulic gear selector which Peugeot says makes for very fast changes and excellent long-term reliability.

Weighing just 1,070kg, this RCZ Peugeot Sport is destined to be a hell of a lot of fun on a race track. Currently it's not available for sale to the general public, but perhaps this will give Peugeot some inspiration to build a more performance-orientated RCZ variant.

There is a chance we may see one of these head down to Australia for the Sydney motorshow next year.

  • Engine - 1.6 litre EP6 CDTm
  • Maximum power - 250 bhp at 6,500 rpm
  • Torque - 290 Nm between 3,500 and 5,500 rpm
  • Turbo - Borg Warner P154 turbocharger
  • Exhaust line - Ø70 mm
  • Gearbox - Sadev ST82-14, 6 speed sequential with steering wheel paddles
  • Differential - limited slip.
  • ECU - SRT MM + data acquisition system
  • Length/Width - 4,290 mm / 1,840 mm
  • Wheel base -2,590 mm
  • Track front / rear - 1,770 mm / 1,740 mm
  • Minimum weight - around 1,070 kg
  • Structure - Reinforced with welded multi-point roll cage
  • Front suspension - Pseudo MacPherson strut with anti-roll bar. Track-specific shock absorbers
  • Rear suspension - Flexible axle. Track-specific shock absorbers
  • Front and rear set-up - Camber / Toe / Ride height / Adjustable rear wing
  • Jacks - 3 integrated pneumatic jacks
  • Front brakes - Ventilated disks Ø355 x 28 mm 6-piston callipers.
  • Rear brakes - Disks Ø290 x 12 mm
  • Rear brake limiter.
  • Hydraulic power steering
  • Wheels / Tyres - slicks 64/25/18