Toyota drives G8 summit

Toyota will provide cars to world leaders at this year's G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit starting next month. The company will provide 78 conventional hybrid and other environmentally friendly vehicles for official and demonstration use during the event.
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Toyota says it offered its services after the Japanese Government asked for help to ensure the G8 summit and the preparations for it go ahead with a green theme and run as environmentally considerate as possible.

The G8 has always tackled tough issues, this time around the environment and particularly measures aimed at combating global warming will be a hot topic.

The Big T will provide 11 Lexus LS600h/LS600hL sedans, 15 Crown Hybrid sedans and 43 Estima Hybrid minivans for transporting participant country officials. Five hydrogen-powered Toyota FCHV-BUS will also help out.

However the vehicle which got our attention is this battery-powered i-REAL personal mobility vehicle, which, well, looks very cool indeed.

Toyota i-REAL

The i-REAL is a three wheel (two front one back) little vehicle aimed for the streets of Tokyo. It is relatively flexible, for example in low-speed mode it can shorten its wheelbase to allow it to maneuver naturally among pedestrians at similar eyesight height.

When you want to get going however, the wheelbase lengthens for better centre of gravity and better driving dynamics. It even comes with monitoring sensors to detect all around the car, so you don't run over unsuspecting pedestrians. Currently the i-REAL's sensors will warn the 'driver' with a noise and vibration while those on the outside get a "pleasant use of light and sound" as a warning!