GM splits with Oil Companies

General Motors has ended its long-term relationship with big oil companies.
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Katherine Benoit, GM corporate marketing director, says the manufacturer is set to tackle the issue of oil-price issue head-on, with a little bit of humour.

"Dear Oil," the U.S. based TV commercial begins. "We've had this great relationship for many years. We think we will both be a lot happier and healthier if we see less of each other." This is a huge change in attitude from the GM we knew a decade ago.

Back in the late 90s, GM developed a working and running full electric car, known as the EV-1, hundreds of cars were initially sold to happy customers under lease plans, however after strong lobbying by oil companies, all but one EV-1 was repossessed and crushed!


GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner admitted last year that the worst decision of his tenure at GM was "axing the EV1 electric-car program and not putting the right resources into hybrids. It didn’t affect profitability, but it did affect image."

GM's Chevrolet brand is also about to launch a new green issues advertising campaign, meanwhile considerable amounts of money has been set aside for increasing advertising for the General's fuel-efficient models.

With the jury still out on the benefits of hybrid cars, Toyota has managed to pull off a remarkable marketing campaign with the Prius, it now appears GM is playing catch-up!