General Motors and electronics company LG signed a deal on Wednesday that will see the development and release of a new range of electric vehicles in GM's future lineup. The EVs will be sold globally and could include a production version of the Chevrolet Cruze EV prototype.
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The new deal will help GM expand its technology and expertise in electric vehicle development, allowing the auto giant to release a range of different EVs in the future. GM Vice Chairman Steve Girsky said in a recent statement,

"Many solutions for tomorrow's transportation needs may be available more quickly by building on our partnership strategy. Consumers benefit by getting the latest fuel-saving technology faster if we work with the best suppliers and we save time and money in the development process."

LG already supplies certain elements of the Chevrolet Volt's electric powertrain, including the cells for the batteries. LG also helped develop the Chevrolet Cruze EV and the Opel Ampera EV demonstration prototypes that were used as the official vehicles of the G20 summit in Seoul, South Korea, last year.

LG will now be able to expand its technologies further into eco-friendly transport solutions, and will help GM develop not just electric powertrain components but also play a part in the development of designing automotive architectures.

Is the term whitegoods on wheels about to become much more literal? GM will release more details about the upcoming technology and the vehicles upon their lead-up to market entry. We'll keep you updated.