CarAdvice 'Green Project' underway

We at CarAdvice often feel morally obliged to be more environmentally aware, especially given the nature of our subject matter is a big contributor to green house gas emissions.
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Sure, we’ve got a paperless office, we minimalise and offset our power consumption, and have staff spread over four capital cities to reduce flying hours on Press Launches.

But in a bid to be even more socially responsible, we decided sometime back to undertake a program whereby CarAdvice plants a tree for every car road tested.

'Green Project' consists of a modest plantation which is now firmly established, and in keeping with our theme, consists solely of Australian natives indigenous to the area and is set in an area where it is hoped to have a fighting chance in reducing soil erosion.


With more working bees planned, we’ll be sure to keep you posted shovel in hand on the progress of our undertaking as time goes by. It is hoped that as we grow, so too will this small legacy, our own little gesture of environmental good will.