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We are not 100 percent sure exactly what this is, but we suspect it’s the new 2012 Porsche 911 Turbo S.

Whilst we’ve previously posted photos of the ‘standard’ 911 Turbo, this one looks a little bit tougher.

Even though the current 911 Turbo S doesn’t have quad pipe exhausts, this mule does. Other next-gen prototypes we have seen so far have had two big single exhaust pipes, one on each side, this prototype is clearly something more hardcore.

Nothing is yet officially confirmed regarding this beast’s powerplant but we no doubt the new 911 Turbo will feature a high performance turbocharged flat-six engine, with some reports suggesting power outputs upwards of 420kW. Which is pretty darn impressive. Even more so if the Turbo S gets an additional 20-30kW on top!

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