An antiques dealer from Southsea in Portsmouth, England has parked his Alfa Romeo Spider on the slipway for the last time.
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A particularly high tide earlier this month took hold of the man’s Italian sports car and dragged it away, although fortunately only to a depth that reached half way up its wheels.

The man reportedly parked his car on the paved shore regularly despite signs clearly stating that it is for loading and unloading boats only.

After failing to contact the owner, police spoke with the man’s son-in-law, who said the car was his father-in-law’s “pride and joy”, according to The News in Portsmouth.

The man’s 29-year-old son-in-law was forced to call a tow truck to save the car.

Portsea fisherman, Bill Merchant, said the man had no right to park on the slipway.

“This area is only for the fishing boys to load their nets but he still parks here every day,” Mr Merchant said.‘There’s parking across the road and it’s only £2 ($3), but he probably parks here because he doesn’t want to pay that.”

The image of the stranded Alfa inspired us to assemble a gallery of car park fails. Enjoy.

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