Volkswagen has been spotted testing what appears to be the next-generation Mk7 Volkswagen Golf GTI and Volkswagen Golf R. Even though the standard versions are yet to be seen, these two sports test mules prove Volkswagen is serious about continuing the hot-hatch variants in the line-up.
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Although details are still kind of sketchy at this stage , reports suggest the new Mk7 Golf GTI will feature a turbocharged engine producing around 170kW of power. If this is true, the new hot hatch will pump out 15kW more than the current model.

It appears these test mules are still wearing the current Mk6 Golf body. Judging by those flared rear arches, which are needed to accommodate either a larger wheel package and/or a fatter stance and suspension geometry, it looks like the new-generation car will displace a wider track at the rear

As for the next Golf R, the word is that it will offer an engine pumping out around 225kW of power. This would provide an increase of more than 35kW over the current model. From the back its easy to distinguish which model is the GTI and which is the R.

The next Golf GTI will showcase a similar twin exhaust pipe setup to the current model. The Golf R, however, will feature a very aggressive quad-tailpipe layout much like a proper sports car.

The seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf is expected to debut sometime towards the end of 2012, and go on sale in 2013. We'll keep you updated.

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