Indian police ignore luxury car crimes

An Indian policeman has admitted time-poor officers often look the other way when luxury cars are involved in crimes and other incidents.
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The admission came after an Rs 80 lakh ($170,000) Audi Q7 was stolen from a dealer during a test drive and rediscovered four months later.

“We have instructions from senior IPS officers, from the local police, from our immediate supervisors and also have to deal with the public in general,” the anonymous officer told DNA India.“So most of the time they are reluctant to stop a luxury car, whose owner no doubt has some influence in the police department.”

Anupsinh Padhiyar, 32, visited Audi Ahmedabed on February 17 pretending to be a potential customer.

A salesman accompanied Padhiyar on a test drive, but he took off after fooling the dealer into getting out of the car.

Padhiyar, the manager of a real estate company on a salary of around $1000 per month, drove the stolen Audi 3000km over four months until police finally identified him and seized the vehicle.

This was despite police having around 100 check posts in the city, which are designed to keep an eye on crimes of this nature. Until then, police blamed the theft on a north Indian gang.

Padhiyar was remanded by police for two days for his crime.