Reliant Robin the least-crashed vehicle in the UK

The quirky three-wheel Reliant Robin is involved in fewer crashes in the UK than any other vehicle make, according to research by insurance comparison website
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Researchers analysed seven million motor quotes and more than 500,000 insurance claims to determine that just 11 out of 1174 Robin owners (0.9 percent) made a claim for crash damage over a five year period.

Those familiar with Jemery Clarkson’s antics on the BBC’s Top Gear will probably find this hard to believe, although Reliant Owners Club treasurer, Peter Huggins, told the Daily Mail in the UK the cars were stable if you didn’t take stupid risks in them.

“You have to drive them more carefully than a normal car and be more alert,” Mr Huggins said.“I've had two over the last 17 years and haven't had a single accident. The only times they've been damaged was when some idiots turned them over onto their roofs when parked outside the house.”

Joining Reliant at the top of the list of least crashed vehicles was Lamborghini (1.1 percent), Ferrari (1.1 percent), Morris (1.5 percent) and Triumph (2.0 percent).

Topping the other end of the list was Lexus, with 10.5 percent of vehicles involved in an insurance claim for a crash.

A Lexus UK spokesman denied that the brand’s vehicles were less safe than others on the road, and told the Daily Mail that as the data was based on an online investigation, “I can only assume that Lexus drivers are more honest”.

Other makes at the ‘most crashed’ end of the scale included Honda (9.8 percent), Chrysler (9.6 percent), Toyota (9.4 percent) and Mazda (9.0 percent).

Do the results surprise you? Is it time to rush out, sell your Lexus and pick up an old Reliant? Or do you think Robin drivers never crash because they’re too embarrassed to driver their cars in the first place?

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