Volkswagen has expressed its interest in developing hybrid versions of every model in its range, and sees plug-in technology as a more suitable technology for today and the near future compared with electric vehicles.
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In a recent interview with German auto publication Auto Motor und Sport, Volkswagen boss, Martin Winterkorn, said he doesn't believe in electric vehicle technology for current market. Mr Winterkorn said he sees plug-ins as a more viable form, saying they make a lot of sense.

Mr Winterkorn also revealed an Audi TT plug-in hybrid project is currently underway within Volkswagen Group, which uses a single-cylinder combustion engine helping an almost completely electric powertrain. There was no mention of when or if this technology would make it to production though.

When asked about EV technology, Mr Winterkorn said that in the next 10 years we would see big leaps in battery improvements. He expects lithium-sulfur batteries to provide up to three or four times the dense capacity of the current lithium-ion units used today. He also predicts by 2025, lithium-air batteries will be in full swing.

Lithium-air batteries are expected to bring up to four to five times the dense capacity and capability of the lithium-ion setups. This could mean electric vehicles might have a range of around 800km by 2025. Mr Winterkorn believes that when these come in, that is when the EV will really take off.

For now though, Volkswagen is likely to bring out a hybrid version of almost every model in its line-up within the foreseeable future.